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Broenk Black LB Bugo Gimbal Set

Bugo Gimbal

Product Description

Hi beloved Customers,

One thing in the world of Grado headphones are custom accesories which means you can replace any part that is in a Grado Headphones. Not only improving toughness and durability, but also will give more beauty and exoticism.

Gimbal is a part to hold the driver Grado. As a driver holder, be a must. We have designed Gimbal made from the finest aluminum, differ from the default stock that is made of plastic. Durable and robust? That's a guarantee of our Gimbal. Precision? we had calculated every single detail size of this Gimbal and it is fit for ALL GRADO SERIES

You can set it up to all types and Allesandro Grado headphones. Easy to be applied, you simply pull the hook orginal stock on the right and left sides so that apart from housing. Then at the top, you can remove the plastic tip. Remove the gimbal from the rodblock . Then attach custom gimbal to rodblock, the last step is tighten the nut to secure the driver Grado. Easy and very simple. If you have any questions please email us. Thank you.

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adhi - rholupat


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Category : Grado Parts
Product SKU : BGB
Stock: 2 - 3 Days
Weight : 300.00 Kilos
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  • Good stuff! Multiple purchases, never disappointed. Easy to work with, friendly with prompt communications. Recommend!

    Brian K.
  • Pelayanan sangat ramah dan mau mendengarkan segala keluh kesah, responsif dan pengiriman cepat. Kualitas barang jangan ditanya lagi, superb. Recommended Seller

  • Great seller, Fast shipping and very well made product, Thank you, Recommended!!


    Borneo Rosewood Full Cup for Grado & Alessandro (#151237501886)

  • Ordered the rodblock/gimbal combo for my GH1 and they look great! Wonderful build quality and design!

  • Rekomended banget ini toko online.. yang punya ganteng.. baik hati dan tidak sombong.. susah jaman sekarang ketemu toko yg bisa dipercaya.. sukses terus om adhi..

    Yudie Christianto