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Sawo Sapodilla Cup Spalted Satin Cup-02


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Hi Guys….


The First of all, I just want to tell you that this bud is only made 1 pc only. Limited ?, yes definitely. Kanzenoka special made for Rholupat. OK let’s now talk about the bud. The bud named Sexy7, I don’t know the how Kanzenoka naming  this bud hehehe.

As you can see the shell is unique and uncommon, last year Kanzenoka used the same shell for his TOTL and now he makes the other one but with different tuning and cable. The shell shapes like a sprout, how does the fitting ? The shell diameter little bit bigger/wider than EMX500/common shell but on my ears it still has very good fitting because the structure like a sprout with longer neck shell.  On this Bud Kanzenoka uses 8 braids cable silver plated copper and less microphonic.

The sound. The base line sound is neutral tend to warm. It is clear, explicit and the attractive point is if you are bass lover…it is highly recommended. The bass quantity is quiet big and with hard impact and this is why I said highly recommend for bass lover. But does the bass on the right sector ?, I heard that bass still on the right track and doesn’t leak to other sectors. The Sexy7 has bold midrange sector and center upfront vocal, but even it has upfront vocal I feel that on the back side is wide and all the details sound good and natural.  When I tested the Sexy7, I listened tracks such as Zayn (Let Me, Pillowtalk), Cheat Codes (No promises, Only you), Little Mix (Hair), Lauv (I like me better).

Sound description is totally subjective but I try to as honest as I can. Thank you fo reading and visiting




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    Brian K.
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