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Sawo Sapodilla Cup Spalted Tamarind Full Cup S1

Spalted Satin Cup-02

Product Description

Hi Beloved Customer ,

This is the new spalted tamarind wood with Satin Finished. The wood material wood is using Tamarind Wood. Tamarind wood always comes in limited production since it has very very distinct pattern with others tamarind cup. This wood is the same with previous tamarind cup which already sold and discontinue. Before you order please see the detail picture. If you like it you can order because it is very very limited and from 2 pairs from this production none of the has the same patterns so you will get your special pattern. Each pattern has different price depends on its unique & unique pattern.

Notes :

  1. ​Hover your cursor to the image to enlarge and see the pictures in more detail
  2. The price we offer is the price per pair .
  3. The color visible image may be different from the original because of the light conditions and the situation around , but not a very significant difference .
  4. This cup is applicable for all SR series and Alessandro MS1/MS2, it doesn't work for RS and GS series.

Thank you.





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Category : Product Hall of Fame
Product SKU : SS1
Stock: 2 - 3 Days
Weight : 300.00 Kilos
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