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Willsound MK2 NV Willsound MK2 VJC 3.5mm

Willsound MK2 NV.1

Product Description

Dear customers,

First of all this is the Willsound MK2 NV with red-balck cable. It has the same in character with the all black cable MK2 NV and the only difference is on its cable. The red cable is consist copper cable.

What about the sound ?,

I have burned it approximately for 20 to 23 hours and I used white, fan and water noised to burn on. My subjective the first impression is the MK2 NV is more flat, more natural and brighter than the default and MK2 VJC. The bass is tighter and quicker. The new VJC boosted on the mid, treble and feel more spacious surrounding, I found that the vocal is sweet, bold and takes on center of the room. The MK2 NV is more laid back in presentation than the previous edition. The most critical improvement on my opinion is on its treble, it has good extension, bold and sparkling.

The cons of this version is the cable is little bit stiff and if you don't any issues with the cable flexibility it would be a good choice for you.

My description above is only subjective opinion, please be noticed and wise. Thank you for visiting


Category : Willsound Buds
Product SKU : WNV
Stock: 3
Weight : 150.00 Kilos
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    Brian K.
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