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Qlabs Magnus Lam

9th Anniversary

Product Description

Dear all,

Celebrating the 9th year of Rholupat. We launched a special and limited edition custom earbud project. 

Special 9 years Rholupat, earbuds with bright colors and warm sound signature with superior cable design from Van  Jan Cook. For the styling design, packaging and sound tuning, we need 2 -3 months, and the longest time was to determine the sound character.

Cable looks and design is unique and special, using a general MX500 which is coated with custom marking and special paint with a white and pink gradation which looks fresh. In the cable side we carried out 8 strand manual braiding consist of 4 strand VJC Quin and 4 strand VJC Blackened with termination 3.5mm. Also we use tin audio grade to produce the finest sound signature.

The sound tuning character is the biggest job in this earbud project, several times we disassemble the driver option and do the tuning to get the best sound character according to the preferences from our customers.

From the tuning that we have done, these earbuds have a balanced, clean character, heavy and impactful bass, thick vocals in a position in the middle of the audience and clean, sparkling trebles and don't get tired easily even if you listen to them for a long time. The staging is wide enough and the separation is just right. These earbuds are intentionally created for all round music genres, don't get tired easily for long listening and are very enjoyable.

We hope that this special 9th ​​anniversary Rholupat earbud offering will really give you a special impression.

Special thanks to :

  1. Van Jan Cook as our teammate to design the cable,
  2. Stereotype as builder and sound tuner for this project.
  3. Kabiworks as wooden package builder


Remaining Stock as of July 6th : 3 pcs



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Weight : 400.00 Kilos
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