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Qlabs Tambu

Product Description

Dear Customers,

Rholupat recently Qlabs builder to build custom earbud for Rholupat and finally Qlabs released it. The new Qlabs named Qlabs Tambu, it is based on Qlabs God Series which previously released but now there are many improvements on Tambu.

Qlabs Tambu appearance is totally new. The shell uses MX500 with gold matte finished and on each side both righ and left you can see Qlabs marking. The Qlabs Tambu uses beryllium driver 15.4 mm, soldering purpose uses Oyaide tin and of course sound tuning was mas made by Qlabs. Cables supported by Van Jan Cook – Indonesia Custom Cables, and on this Qlabs Tambu we choose combination Bhima (yellow) and Eareng (black) cable, both silver plated copper with PVC insulation for ultimate cable flexibility. Qlabs Tambu only available in 3.5mm super fine gold plated plug by AEC Taiwan with laser cut engraved VJC logo.

Now let’s talk about the sound character. In this condition, please kindly understand that it is my subjective opinion and I try to explain honestly. Overall, Qlabs Tambu has warm character, quite forward vocal and I think it is less fatigue for long listening. The bass, if you are bass can really really count on it. Qlabs Tambu has proper bass quantity, focus and deep. Mid sector, as I said above, it is quite forward presentation and bold vocal. The treble….sparkling, clear and has good extend. The detail and room space are decent enough. Finally I might say that Qlabs Tambu is fun bud, friendly for long listening and bass lover bud.

Product Name: Qlabs X VJC - Tambu
Brand: Qlabs
Model: Tambu

Type: Open dynamic earbud with 15.4mm driver
Impedance: 32Ω
Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
Cable: 4 Strand Braided (VJC Bhima & 2 VJC Eareng)
Plug: AEC 3.5mm TRS Gold Plated
Cable Length: ±1.2m
Earphone plug type: Straight
Size (diameter of shell): 16.8mm

Package Include :

- 1 Unit Earbud Qlabs Tambu
- 1 PCS Round Case With HardCase VJC
- 2 Pair Full Pori & 2 Pair Full Foam
- 2 Pcs Sticker VJC X Qlabs
- 1 Pcs Cable Clip
- 1 Pcs Invoice Card

Category : Custom Earbuds
Product SKU : QLT
Stock: 2 - 3 Days
Weight : 300.00 Kilos
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