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SR325 Custom

Grado SR80i Custom

Product Description

Dear customer,

We just found again the legend Grado SR80i driver. When we got this in its default condition, then we tried to modify it, and after modification only left original gimbal version.  What we did in this modification : 

  1. We used classic wooden cup, and we used Sungkai wood on classic model. In this part Sungkai wood actually on light brown wood colour with symmetric striped patterns. We also modify the wood cup into detachable by adding hi-grade 3,5mm female plug on it as a upper termination.
  2. Cabling, we used hybrid concept cable by mixing full copper and silver plated copper wire. The cable consist of 4 strands and each strand covered by solid black and strong red sleeving. FYI, the cable is flexible, no microphonic and we sure that it looks very attractive. We use 3,5mm mono gold plated male plug on upper termination, and you will not get confused for the L/R side because we already give the red and blue remark on the plug. On the bottom termination, we used hi-grade 3,5mm gold plated plug.
  3. We used Bourbon gimbal set. The gimbal material is made of metal, there is a stopper so you can adjust the gimbal according to your comfort. Then the rodblock is also slimmer and there is a gimbal adjuster. The gimbal is also equipped with a screw that will be placed inside the woodcup. Half-circled part also made from metal, it is raw metal, brush sand-paper finished.

The slight impression of the sound. In this condition, we tried to say as objective and honest as we can, even the subjective opinion may appear. After modification the sound signature become stronger, bolder in all sectors (bass, mid and treble), and overall it is neutral to warm. Bass quantity is more powerful and better impact than the default and bass controlled is nice. Mid is bold, vocal position is in the centre of the stage. The most improvement on my opinion is on the treble. The treble is sparkling and extend. It also has good detail for example I can hear the instrument naturally.

Benefit :

  1. 1x Grado SR80i authentic driver (Retail price unknown due to rare items)
  2. Sungkai woodcup detachable 3.5mm (Wood cup USD60 exclude custom mod into 3.5mm)
  3. 1 x Bourbon gimbal set (Retail price USD 77)
  4. 1x Custom cable 3.5mm (Retail price USD55)
  5. 2x Cushion
  6. 1 x leather cable clip

VALUABLE PRICE : USD 190 (exclude shipping cost to all countries : USD 9)


Thanks for visiting Rholupat.


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Product SKU : SM6
Stock: 2 - 3 Days
Weight : 500.00 Kilos
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