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Seminyak Silverstone Sony MH755 Mod


Product Description

Hi Guys,

VJC release the new custom cable, named SONIC. It comes with soft PVC insulation on grey to gold semi matte skin and the cable size approximately 1.00 mm which is the most suitable size both for iem/earbud and moreover for headphone. It’s braidable into 4 or 8 hand braids depends on your needs. It has good flexibility for your dynamic mobility..super fine flexibility.

Inside the cable, SONIC comes with multi core strands silver plated copper. Sonic already tested by some Indonesian earbud builders, they announced the positive feedback for its durability when built it up, ease for soldering and robust insulation and cable core against heat.

Sound impressions till this paper released comes from 2 builders, major sound notes tends to neutral warm. They said that SONIC need at least 10 hours burning time and you will hear the significant improvement. SONIC has decent bass quantity level with great bass quality. The mid-sector is rich and dynamics with quite spacy soundstage. The treble is extend and sparkling enough and splendid.


Data sheet




Soft PVC


 Soft matte Grey





Plated Copper



1 pax = 5 meters


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Stock: 100
Weight : 100.00 Kilos
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  • Ordered the rodblock/gimbal combo for my GH1 and they look great! Wonderful build quality and design!

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