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SR125 Rockie Mod

Product Description

Dear Customer,

This product is Grado SR125 with some mods I made then named it Rockie Mod. The Mod construction are :

  1. Cup : It uses new batch cup, Satin Rosewood Full Cup.
  2. Leather Band : it uses Mocca Chocolate leather band
  3. Gimbal and rodblock : it uses stock gimbal and rodblock
  4. Cable : Replace the stock with custom copper cable 8 strand with custom splitter. Cable construction is 25 AWG 70/0.05. The cable is very flexible, soft and microphonic free.
  5. Plug : it uses 3.5mm Rhodium Plug Copper Color Brand

Subjective Slight Impression :

  1. Bass : the bass is tight but it has very good low impact and it is suitable for them who need speed bass.
  2. Vocal and mid : the vocal presentation is forward and I think this SR125 Rockie mod tend to mid centric
  3. Treble : the treble is sparkle, has decent treble quantity and still very polite for your ears to hear rock and metal. I have tested it for Dream Theatre, Iron Maiden and NightWish.
  4. Detail and separation : The detail is quite good, I can hear all instrument clearly and the separation is decent.


adhi - rholupat


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Weight : 500.00 Kilos
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  • Good stuff! Multiple purchases, never disappointed. Easy to work with, friendly with prompt communications. Recommend!

    Brian K.
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